Transfer of People

Deutsche Helikopter is your expert for helicopter flights at home and abroad. Use the
flexibility of our aircrafts to employ your resources even more effectively. Fly to your next meeting or let business partners fly in. They can land directly on your premises. If you use a helicopter, you are not dependent on airports or airfields - you can land almost anywhere. No traffic jam, no train delay, and no check in at the airport – use the helicopter as the fastest connection between two destinations.

The Reasonably Priced Shuttle

A helicopter flight does not have to be expensive. There are low cost alternatives to large helicopters that provide the same advantages. We can pick you up at your doorstep and bring you to your destination right away with a smaller and therefore more affordable helicopter. The benefits of helicopter travel speak for themselves: You have complete control over your own schedule because you are not constrained by traffic congestions or train timetables.

VIP Helicopter

Don’t just use the helicopter as a form of transportation. Use it as an incentive for special employees, clients, or suppliers. The VIP helicopter, one of the fastest helicopters in its class, combines top of the line safety features, technology, and equipment to maximum effect.

Due to our years of experience and our collaboration with numerousdifferent companies we have an extensive array of VIP helicopters. Our network of contacts extends beyond Germany across the whole world, which is why we can always offer you a suitable helicopter. We pay special attention to minimizing the length of the flight from the helicopter’s current location to the place where you want to take off from in order to lower costs.

The advantages

  • Enjoy freedom from traffic jams and inconvenient train schedules
  • Take advantage of flexible landing possibilities (helicopters do not need an airfield)
  • Enjoy the relaxed work environment of a helicopter on your next business flight
  • See regions from a unique perspective
  • Save precious time by determining your own flight path
  • Save on travel costs (helicopters are less expensive than most private jets for short-haul flights)
  • Experience the exclusiveness of a helicopter
  • Be unaffected by airline strikes