Helicopters on camera

A helicopter is not only indispensable for taking fabulous aerial photographs and film footage, it can also be an impressive prop for your photo or film shoot. Depending on the setting, helicopters can convey exclusivity, dynamism or suspense and are often used in stunts and fast-paced action sequences.

The right helicopter model and branding

For films and photo shoots it's not often the case that 'any old helicopter' will do. It's important to create a look that fits in with the subject and setting and achieves the greatest possible authenticity. We can provide you with the helicopter that produces the best effect for your pictures. Your ideas form the basis for our choosing the right helicopter: from state-of-the-art technology to authentic historical models, we can match your expectations exactly, even in terms of the helicopter's equipment and visual detailing.

Vital national services such as the police, the armed forces and the ambulance service rarely make their helicopters available for filming. But it's precisely these helicopters that are most in demand for film shoots. In these cases, we can provide you with the appropriate helicopter model and can convincingly and inexpensively reproduce the look of the required organisation using decals and the correct paint scheme on the helicopter. Of course, individual branding is also possible in the colours and lettering of your choice.

Flights and stunts

Naturally, our helicopters can also take to the skies on your behalf. From simple take-offs and landings to complex flight manoeuvres, our pilots will fly exactly to your plan while your cameras are running. Possible stunts include abseiling from the helicopter, flying with stunt actors on the helicopter skids and crash simulations.

Thanks to our experienced, accurate pilots, you can count on our helicopters when it comes to stunts. You determine the course of the flight; we will carry it out for you. We regularly work with various well-known stunt teams and can provide experienced stunt performers for your shoot if required.

Contact us now

If you need a helicopter as a prop for your film or photo shoot, simply get in touch with us. We will gladly advise you and can provide you with the helicopter that exactly meets your expectations. You can reach us 24 hours a day: