Helicopters for filming

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Whether you are creating action-packed chase sequences or sublime panoramic shots, filming from one of our helicopters can be an important artistic tool for realising your vision in cinema and TV films, drama series, promotional films and commercials. We are here to assist you with our helicopters and our expertise worldwide and can provide you with a helicopter for your production project that is perfectly suited to your needs.

Of course, there is no need to film through a pane of glass: most of the aerial sequences can be created using gyro-stabilised camera systems like the Cineflex, that can be mounted on the outside of the helicopter. This way, the camera moves smoothly, as if on rails, and you will be happy with your perfect aerial shots.

If the shoot requires it, we will take out the side door of the helicopter to allow aerial shots to be taken from the flying helicopter. This way, you always get perfect aerials without the annoying reflections. Of coures, we ensure the safety of the camera operator and the other passengers during the entire flight.

For businesses: we do the filming for you

We are your highly experienced partner for promotional videos and commercials. On request, we can organise the complete filming operation in the helicopter as your sole provider. You let us know which themes, subjects and angles you need and we will take care of the rest – the selection of the most suitable helicopter and camera, assembling the crew (consisting of the pilot and camera operator), obtaining the required low flying permits and overflight permits and, of course, carrying out the shoot itself. On completion of the film flight, you will receive high resolution digital footage from us.

For filmmakers: just fly with us

If you would like to closely supervise the realisation of your creative vision or even take over the camera work yourself, we will make that possible. During our filming flight the director, cameraman and other team members can fly with the crew in the helicopter and directly influence the composition of the images the camera operator takes. You can see all the images recorded by our camera on the observation monitors and can check whether the results fulfil your expectations.

If desired, your cameraman can take over the filming himself. He is welcome to use one of our cameras or bring his own camera, so ensuring a consistent visual style for the rest of the film. And we ensure the safety of the film crew throughout.

Camera mounts or hand-held shots

Shake-free shots and stable, steady, smooth film sequences are usually essential for film footage shot from a helicopter to produce its full effect. To compensate for the helicopter movements and any turbulence caused by the weather, camera mounts are often used in photography and filming flights. These ensure the greatest possible stability and allow perspectives that are often not possible with a hand-held camera. Our camera mounts are compatible with all commonly used camera models and thus support a uniform look for aerial and ground shots.

A quick and economical alternative to using a camera mount is the use of a hand-held camera. We need very little lead time for these flights, so that you can even film spontaneous live coverage of an event with our help. As no additional equipment is needed, shooting with hand-held cameras can also be very cost-effective. However, the shots achieved this way are not as steady and do not achieve the quality of footage that is filmed using a camera mount, especially for long takes.

Available for you worldwide

Not every perfect film location can be found on your doorstep. That's why we are ready to work with you anywhere in the world and can provide you with a helicopter for your film shoots in international filming locations. Even in remote regions or countries with insecure infrastructures, we are your reliable partner when planning the shoot and will ensure the highest safety and security standards during the shoot itself. We are also at your disposal for all country-specific legal questions and will gladly advise you.

The enthralling Nürburgring

At the Nürburgring – also known as the 'Green Hell' courtesy of Sir Jackie Stewart – motor sport legends are born. The racetrack in the Eifel mountains doesn't just offer opportunities to capture highly skilled driving sequences, but also an impressive backdrop of wooded mountains and the imposing ruins of the Nürburg Castle. Therefore, it is a popular location for feature films and TV series, but especially for commercials and promotional videos for the motor industry.

Our helicopters are repeatedly used for filming at the Nürburgring, for example for commercials commissioned by well-known car manufacturers such as Honda and Porsche, and for feature films such as Rush, with Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Brühl. Due to our regular assignments, we are extremely familiar with the track and can provide you with perfect footage that exactly matches your expectations.

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