The Selection of the Camera System

The selection of the camera system depends on the required shots. Detailed information about the different strengths and application areas of the various systems can be found below.

By Hand – The Low Cost Standard

Kamera Aufnahmen mit Hand If you chose the least expensive type of photography or film flight we will remove the side door of the helicopter so that the cameraman can film or photograph out of the aircraft with his own equipment. The advantages of filming by hand are the low costs, the great flexibility, and the comparatively low expenses, since we utilize the smaller and less costly helicopters for these flights. Further passengers can use all the seats of the helicopter, if you wish, since the interior of the helicopter is free of technical equipment. We can offer you helicopters with immediate operational readiness. The high flexibility and the low costs make this option popular with news networks in need of footage for breaking stories.

Tyler Mount – The Professional Suspension

Tylermount The professional Tyler Mount suspension guarantees steady and shake-free shots due to the system’s three axis gyro-stabilized camera mount. This stabilization system is compatible with many conventional camera types such as the Digibeta, the SONY EX 1, and similar models.
In order to install the Tyler Mount system we need to remove the side door of the helicopter and attach the camera stand to the hinges of the doorframe. Depending on the size of the camera model we might have to remove the back seats of the helicopter during installation.

Cineflex - The High End Solution

Cineflex Kamerasystem Nose The Cineflex system, which can be employed in a nose or a side mount position, is the latest high definition camera system. This motion-stabilized helicopter mount is capable of creating shake-free images and video of unprecedented HD-quality while using maximum zoom.
The Cineflex is attached at the nose or the side of the helicopter and is controlled by a trained operator.
The installation of the system takes about two hours – a worthwhile effort considering that the Cineflex can create almost any shot imaginable. The Cineflex can shoot excellent aerial pictures and video at helicopter speeds of up to 300km/h (186mph). The high quality panoramic aerial photography is made possible by 360° continuous pan and a maximum tilt angle of 195°. The system can withstand temperatures from -20°C (-4°F) to 45°C (113°F).

The Cineflex is often used to film air-to-ground or air-to-air sequences, as well as sports events, chase sequences, landscape shots, or the circling of buildings.