Impressive aerial photos

In present times, the ready availability of drones has revolutionised aerial photography. Now, even private individuals can easily take photographs from the air, which previously required complex photography flights. But when it comes to the perfect aerial picture, drones come up against their limitations.

Legislation specifies a maximum flight altitude as well as an overflight ban for certain installations or buildings. This limits the photographer's possible subjects and views. In addition, a helicopter is more stable when in flight and also allows large lenses to be used for taking photographs.

Most professional photographers aiming to produce extremely high-quality images prefer to see their subject through the lens, not 'just' on a monitor while operating a drone. Therefore, especially in the premium photography arena, aerial photo shoots remain the ideal solution with many different options. We are happy to advise you and are your highly qualified partner for professional, high resolution aerial photographs of the highest quality.

Photography flights by professionals for professionals

For professional photographers, we can take care of the entire organisational effort for the photography flight. We will discuss with you the most suitable helicopter for your requirements, depending on your desired subjects and themes, and will take care of overflight permits and low flying permits if required. To ensure you get the best possible aerial photographs, the side door of the helicopter can be taken out. We can even remove the doors on both sides if desired. We will provide the necessary space for observation monitors and, of course, for your photographers and any accompanying persons. We take care of everything else so that you can concentrate on taking perfect aerial photographs.

The one-stop shop for professional aerial photography

We can organise a complete photography flight, including photography by a professional photographer, for both companies and private customers.

You tell us the subjects and themes to be captured, and we take care of the planning and execution of the photography flight and obtain all the necessary permits. Or our professional photographers will take high quality aerial photographs for you, according to your specific wishes, that reflect your vision.

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