Photography and filming

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Whether you are taking moving or still images, perfect aerial photography counts as one of the most impressive visual experiences. Depending on the purpose of the pictures, they can deliver emotions, new perspectives or surprises. The demand for professional aerial photography remains high, even in the age of drones. After all, the trained eye and many years of experience of a professional operator will outperform a machine every time.

We are specialists in choosing the most suitable helicopters and the camera systems to go with them. The use of the right equipment and the choice of the best flight route also play an important role in achieving our common goal: achieving perfect aerial shots to your requirements. Of course, will also take care of the bureaucratic hurdles and obtain all the necessary permits.

It is the seamless interaction of all these aspects that will make your photography or film flight a true success. We can swiftly provide you with an individual quotation, tailored to your personal requirements, that includes all elements. Take advantage of our international experience and expertise in the planning of your helicopter flight. Our team is available to assist you 24 hours a day, free of charge.


On board a helicopter, you can hover directly over the desired area and take your photographs calmly and comfortably. On request, we can also organise a professional photographer to make your vision a reality. [Read more...]


Whether you wish to shoot promotional films, whole series or feature films, we will offer you our expert advice to best meet your individual requirements. Thanks to our extensive worldwide network we can always provide you with the helicopter that has the optimum features and equipment for your particular production. [Read more...]


Offshore wind farms are among the most popular subjects for aerial photography and filming. Whether documenting construction progress or presenting prestige projects our experienced crews always succeed in taking the perfect pictures. [Read more...]

Camera systems

The selection of the ideal camera system depends on the type of shots or footage that you wish to take. Each camera system has its own strengths, which lend themselves to specific purposes. [Read more...]

Helicopters on camera

Many situations – action scenes, commercials, etc – require helicopters to be in front of the camera. We provide you with your desired model and, through individual branding, create a look that exactly meets your expectations. [Read more...]

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