Weddings: seventh heaven in a helicopter

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Your wedding day is the happiest day of your life. You say yes to your beloved and your future together. All your friends and family come to celebrate this special day with you. Countless beaming faces are turned towards the newlyweds. No wonder, then, that the bride and groom feel like they are in seventh heaven.

Hiring a helicopter for your wedding day will make it all the more memorable. Enjoy the fantastic view from the air on your happiest day and make a spectacular entrance that will astonish your guests. The feeling that you are floating on air will accompany you throughout the day.

Helicopter flights on your wedding day: your options

There are numerous ways of integrating a helicopter into your wedding celebration. Here are some examples:

  • Let the helicopter fly you to the wedding venue. When you conveniently glide into the ceremony as bride and groom, wondering gazes are guaranteed.
  • Fly to your wedding reception after the marriage ceremony. Enjoy your first moments as a married couple in the air and savour your helicopter journey to the venue. Of course, the helicopter can make a short sightseeing trip before landing you at your party venue.
  • Use one of our helicopters as a focal point for unique wedding photos. Even on the ground, every helicopter provides a stunning photo opportunity. Use the helicopter as the centrepiece for your wedding photo shoot and give free reign to your creative ideas.
  • Arrange a sightseeing flight for your guests. With a pleasure flight in a helicopter, you can make your wedding an unforgettable experience for each of your guests.
  • Swoop off to your honeymoon. After your reception, the helicopter will take you straight to the airport from which you start your honeymoon.
  • Share your happiness with the world and have your helicopter decorated to your requirements. We can attach the name of the happy couple to the helicopter or emblazon the helicopter with your photos or a humorous slogan.

Requirements and costs for your wedding flight

Although helicopters do not always have to take off and land at airports, they can't simply land anywhere. Particularly in cities and urban areas, suitable open spaces are not always available. However, if your ceremony or wedding reception is in a less densely populated area, a landing site can be found in most cases.

The cost of each helicopter flight is calculated individually based on various factors. The distance to be covered, the duration of the trip, the number of passengers and the type of helicopter to be used are among the factors that we take into account when putting together our quotation. For this reason, we cannot give any general information about the cost of your wedding flight here. Experience shows that costs of at least £1,000 can be expected.

Permits: We take care of everything

You already have plenty to do in planning your wedding, which is why we take over the complete effort of organising your helicopter flight. Of course, this includes obtaining all necessary permits. If our helicopter is landing outside a built-up area, no cumbersome approval process is necessary. But even for urban landings, we will take care of all the permits and administrative arrangements so that you can focus on looking forward to your big day.

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