Transfer of people

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No traffic jams, no traffic lights and no diversions: the fastest way from A to B is still by air, as the crow flies. Particularly if you are in a hurry to cover a short distance, a helicopter flight is usually the fastest solution. After all, when travelling by helicopter, you don't have to check in or go through any of the cumbersome procedures that would be necessary if travelling by plane. In addition, a helicopter is not necessarily tied to airports. Instead, it can land on suitable open spaces that may often be much closer to your desired starting point and destination.

Passenger flights via helicopter: the experience

In addition to speed, a passenger flight in a helicopter offers many other advantages. You do not have to comply with flight schedules and timetables and can depart the moment you are ready. On board, you can work, relax or just enjoy the view. Of course, our helicopters meet the highest safety standards and combine the latest technology with modern equipment and amenities.

At the same time, every helicopter flight is an exclusive experience. Discover the world from a new perspective and enjoy the advantages of a private flight: no noisy fellow passengers, no delays and no stress. You will also gain valuable time compared to other modes of transport. For short flights, a helicopter is also often more economical than a private jet.  

As an international provider, we are at your service both at home and abroad and can provide you with a suitable helicopter in any country at any time of day or night. If required, we will also coordinate your helicopter flight with your planned onward journey by scheduled airline or private aircraft. We will fly you directly to the aircraft on time so that you can begin your onward flight without any delays.

A suitable landing site

Of course, we will support you in choosing a suitable landing site and will obtain all the necessary permits for you. The landing site must be large enough and allow a clear helicopter approach for landing from all four compass directions. In addition, the landing area must be level. If our helicopters are landing outside urban areas, no time-consuming authorisation process is necessary, but even if a landing is planned in cities or built-up areas, we will ensure everything runs smoothly and will take care of all the permits.

Individual branding: your company in focus

If you are hiring a helicopter for your company, you can enhance the helicopter with your individual branding to advertise your brand or your message effectively. Not only the passengers – for example, your customers or business partners – will feel that they are in good hands, you will make numerous curious onlookers aware of your company whenever your helicopter takes off and lands. From discreet stickers to a complete design for your helicopter, we can suggest multiple options to show off your brand in the right light.  

We can organise the whole passenger flight

Why not use a helicopter to get to your destination quickly, or fly important business partners or VIP guests to your event? Our team is happy to assist you with any request and will organise your passenger helicopter flights to your exact requirements. Our helicopters are stationed all over the world and can be available for your trip within a very short time.

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