Helicopter hire for groups

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A helicopter can also be an excellent means of transport for larger groups of people on short routes. Some models of helicopter can comfortably accommodate more than ten people. However, it is more common, and in most cases also more cost-effective, to transport groups in several smaller helicopters.

When using helicopters to transport groups, you benefit from the flexibility that every helicopter offers: for take-off and landing you are not tied to airports but can also use other suitable open spaces. In most cases these are much closer to your final destination. If several helicopters are used, they will land in quick succession. This ensures that all the passengers reach their destination almost simultaneously.

If it's not essential that the whole group arrives at the same time, we are also happy to arrange a passenger shuttle using a single helicopter. This flies between the starting point and destination until all the passengers have arrived safely and comfortably.

Customised group flights

Whether you want to fly your entire board of directors comfortably to an appointment or quickly and economically fly your workers to another plant, the helicopter is your safe, reliable and flexible means of transport. The flight plan is always based on your requirements and you cannot be delayed by traffic jams or road accidents. If your plans change, a helicopter makes it much easier to react flexibly according to your needs.

Our worldwide network of helicopters is suitable for transporting groups. Therefore, we can provide you with the right helicopter almost anywhere in the world for your group transport. If necessary, we can be ready to set off within a very short time. 

Permits: we take care of everything

We will take care of all the administrative requirements for a helicopter flight and obtain the necessary permits. In consultation with you, we will look for suitable open spaces for take-off and landing. It is important that these are sufficiently large, level surfaces that can be approached by air from all directions. We do not have to obtain permits to land our helicopters outside urban areas, but we can certainly handle all the authorisation procedures for you for a planned helicopter touchdown in town.

Individual branding for your brand identity

From the use of small company logo stickers to a full-scale design in your company colours, even for group flights we can embellish the helicopters with your individual branding. Particularly if the helicopter flight is to take place as part of a company event or an incentive for customers, partners or employees, your individually branded helicopter will help to present your company in the best light. Just give us your requirements and we will make your branding a reality.

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