Installation for Vodafone by helicopter

Helicopter Leipzig

In recent weeks, in the centre of Leipzig, we installed a mobile mast by helicopter for Vodafone for the high-speed Long-Term Evolution (LTE) telecommunications standard. The mast needed to be placed on the pitched roof of a multi-storey house, which was located directly on a main road of the city of 500,000 inhabitants. Trams run along the central strip of the multi-lane road and their overhead power lines, as well as numerous traffic light posts, also run along the road. In short, during the extensive planning phase for the installation of the mast, it quickly became apparent that the use of a conventional crane was not possible due to the circumstances on the ground.

Therefore, in close cooperation with the mast manufacturer, we decided to use a heavy-lift helicopter for the demanding task of mounting the 700 kg metal mast on the roof. However, we didn't just select a suitable helicopter – the organisation of the necessary road closures and the communication with the tram operator were also part of our full service solution. In addition, we also took care of the arrangements with the authorities to obtain all permits and certificates of safety conformity required for the operation, without which the city centre installation operation would not have been possible in the first place.

Due to our many years of experience and our ability to communicate effectively with the authorities, we were able to execute the mast installation very quickly. On the day of the helicopter flight, two experts from our team coordinated the smooth progress of the installation on site. We coordinated the road closure and the brief interruption to the tram service in such a way that the lifting and mounting of the mast could be completed successfully within a few minutes. Highly satisfied, the construction manager thanked us for the entire mast installation solution, which was also appreciated by the local residents due to its rapid implementation.

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