Installation flight in the Frankfurt financial district

Last Sunday, in the middle of the Frankfurt financial district, we successfully completed a heavy-load installation of a three-piece diesel generator on the Taunus tower. The pilot steered the twin-engine turbocharged Mi-8 heavy-transport helicopter with great precision through the skyscraper canyon and manoeuvred the cargo up to the narrow roof structure at a height of 170 metres, without any complications. To the great satisfaction of the client we completed the mission, which we had planned down to the finest detail, in just 30 minutes' flight time.

During the obligatory site visit in advance of the operation, working with the client, we coordinated all necessary cordons and road closures. The numerous officials and representatives of the authorities, who were also on site, were enthusiastic about our preparations, which extended far beyond the usual standards. This level of preparation ensured that the extremely demanding project, that had become a talking point well beyond the city limits, was carried out successfully.  

Why was a heavy lifting helicopter better than a crane in this case?

The green space in front of the Taunus tower had recently been extensively and expensively restored. The construction of a huge crane would have caused considerable damage to the green due to its weight and the use of vehicles necessary for assembling the crane. In addition, the tower grounds and all the surrounding roads would have had to be closed for several days. Thanks to our brief and careful intervention in the life of the city, our special helicopter cargo flight offered a much more sustainable solution and was even considerably cheaper.

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