Helicopter stunt for a product presentation

The launch of an advertising campaign for a new car is always something special. Those in charge want the launch to be as spectacular as possible in order to stand out from the competition in a fiercely competitive industry. An SUV manufacturer from the US asked us to do a helicopter stunt for a marketing event on the holiday island of Fehmarn, near Denmark in northern Germany.

In collaboration with one of the world's largest marketing agencies, our experts worked out a second-by-second schedule for the helicopter stunt operation and visited the site on the southern shore of the island in advance of the flight. The stuntmen we selected for this assignment had decades of experience in their industry and were stunt coordinators for Hollywood productions such as Valkyrie and V for Vendetta. As usual, we chose the pilot for this assignment with great care and experience.

On the day of the product launch, as agreed, the event helicopter hovered out of sight and earshot of the spectators on the beach, before receiving the signal, by radio, to approach the event. The helicopter hovered towards the South beach just a few metres above the water and caused a quite a stir among the unsuspecting people below. The spectators applauded enthusiastically as the two stuntmen jumped out of the helicopter and handed out packs of flyers advertising the new car to the crowd on the sandy beach.

At the precise agreed moment, the helicopter hovered over an LED screen that counted down to zero. Once the time had passed and the event helicopter had departed in a spectacular fashion, all the spectators and participants agreed that they had never experienced such a unique product launch. Highly satisfied, our clients thanked us for the seamless execution of the helicopter stunt.

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