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The Mi-8 lifting helicopter belongs to the family of helicopters produced at the M.L. Mil helicopter factory in Moscow. Since the 1960s, it has been one of the largest multi-purpose helicopters in mass production and has since been used all over the world due to its special load suspension system, which allows it to lift loads weighing up to three tonnes. We used the incredible lifting capacity of this heavy-transport helicopter in Wroclaw this week.

Following extensive planning and a comprehensive site visit, we undertook the lifting and positioning of 35 air conditioning units, weighing up to three tonnes each, for the online retailer Amazon as part of their building project in Wroclaw. The enormous size of the warehouse made the use of a crane impossible, as the individual air conditioning units needed to be positioned in different places on the roof. Due to the ever-increasing dimensions of factory buildings and warehouses, we know that this is a common problem for our clients. Lifting and positioning by helicopter is then usually the only economical solution.

Our Polish-speaking department obtained all necessary permits from the relevant authorities and, in close consultation with the client, drew up a precise schedule for this extensive operation. On the day of the operation, we had several of our team members on site to ensure that the project ran smoothly.

The experienced pilots set the loads down, as agreed, with centimetre accuracy on the pre-assembled metal frames on the roof of the building. The mission went smoothly as usual and was completed within a few hours, according to plan. Of course, it's the professionalism and accuracy of the pilots we used for this assignment that made such a quick project implementation possible. Our client was delighted with the efficient completion of the project and also appreciated our team's communication skills in his native language.

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