Film helicopter for a Japanese TV production

The Moselle is the largest tributary of the Rhine in Germany. The river rises in the Vosges and flows through France, Luxembourg and the German states of Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate. While gentle vine-covered hills and wide river loops are typical of the Upper Moselle, narrow river meanders and steep vineyards characterise the Central Moselle. In the Lower Moselle region, slate terraces rise up out of the landscape forming the steepest vineyards in Europe.

One of the most comfortable ways to enjoy this beautiful landscape is by taking a train along the Moselle river. To extend the tour's appeal to international tourists, our team recently organised extensive aerial footage for a TV programme for a Japanese broadcaster.

The production team wanted to achieve a clear bird's eye view of the entire rail route. Therefore, for this challenging project, we arranged a film helicopter and a professional pilot who already had some film industry experience, all within a few hours.

To get the perfect images, together with the film crew we selected a Tyler Mount gyro stabilising camera system and installed it expertly in the helicopter. Once on board the flying helicopter, the crew were thus able to take all the desired pictures in excellent quality within a very short time. The spectacular footage contributed to a successful report for the Japanese television programme and achieved high ratings, for which the responsible programme planner thanked our team heartily.

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