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Minute-accurate timing and minimal storage volumes are key maxims of the motor industry. Production parts are delivered to the line at the exact moment when the car is ready for them to be assembled, thanks to a sophisticated supply chain system. Just like clockwork, many variables are reliant on each other and make the system susceptible to expensive assembly line stops. Although most of the components are ready and available on demand at the suppliers', every minute counts if production stops threaten at any moment.

After extensive internal reorganisation at an automotive supply company in Hesse, a lack of deliveries throughout January led to critical situations in the final assembly of cars and trucks. The management therefore asked us to immediately deploy helicopters and aircraft for express freight flights. This is an everyday situation for our experienced experts from our freight charter department. They always know exactly what needs to be done to organise the quickest possible deliveries by express freight.  

After the very first express freight flight to a well-known motor industry location in Sindelfingen near Stuttgart, we became a constant contact for the managers at the supplier. At any time of day or night only a few minutes went by between the supplier's request and the aircraft take-off.

During the course of that January the logistics company was able to prevent assembly line stops throughout Europe. Our operations centre, which is staffed 24/7, didn't just organise urgent internal cargo flights to Bremen, Wörth am Rhein, Baden-Baden, Stuttgart and Berlin, but also transport flights all over Europe, to Stockholm, Bratislava, Gyor, Porto, Budapest, Paris, Graz und Vigo.

In order to complete the cargo journeys as quickly as possible, we used several large Eurocopter and Bell helicopters in addition to the cargo planes and private jets, which all transported the parts at the same time. Thanks to the central coordination of flights by our company as well as access to aircraft throughout Germany, we were able to get the right aircraft for every desired take-off and landing point within a very short time. With the helicopters we used, we took advantage of the fact that they could land right in front of the gates of the assembly halls and therefore no delays occurred.

Following on from the express freight charters via cargo plane, after landing we also transported the goods in trucks, right to the gates of the respective factories. For the delivery of special parts, we also used experienced express couriers, who delivered the goods from major airports like Porto International Airport and Charles de Gaulle International Airport to the factory assembly lines, just in time.

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Impending production stops are always a big problem in the automotive industry. If you find yourself in a similar situation, our express freight experts are at your disposal 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and within a few minutes can show you the best solution for avoiding high contractual penalties. Please contact us:


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