Discreet helicopter flight for VIP

Celebrities, politicians and other influential people who value discretion, appreciate the excellent, confidential service that Deutsche Helikopter offers in the field of VIP helicopter charters. Recently, we welcomed a member of the German aristocracy on board our charter helicopter, who wanted to travel incognito and in comfort from Germany to the Netherlands.

AS 355

The aristocratic passenger wished to charter a twin-engine helicopter, which we were able to provide effortlessly: in no time we deployed a very comfortable but also efficient type AS 355 F VIP helicopter and organised the landing permits at three castles on the desired flight route – Hugenpoet Castle in Essen, Garath Castle in Düsseldorf and a castle in the Netherlands, where our passenger had to attend an important appointment. During the meeting, the helicopter pilot waited for his incognito passenger at a nearby landing site. Then the helicopter flew to Düsseldorf airport where this member of the aristocracy boarded his own private jet for the onward journey.  

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