Concrete works on the Lausche mountain

Concrete works on the Lausche mountain

The Lausche is the highest mountain in Upper Lusatia and is known for its picturesque landscape. So that hikers could better enjoy the mountain panorama, a new viewing platform was to be built on the Lausche. The first step was to pour the concrete for the foundations, but this presented a logistical challenge because the path to the almost 800-metre-high summit is not accessible to concrete mixers and trucks. The builders quickly came to the conclusion that the concrete should be mixed down in the valley and brought up to the summit with a cargo helicopter.

Planning the operation

The extensive works were scheduled for several days. As each individual load would not exceed one tonne, we planned to use an AS 350 B3 helicopter. This model is very commonly used for transporting building materials and can handle loads of up to 1.4 tonnes under ideal conditions. Naturally, we used an experienced pilot to ensure that the flights were carried out quickly and safely.

We also took care of the communication with the local authorities and obtained all necessary permits. As the Lausche is directly on the border between Germany and the Czech Republic, we also got clearance from the responsible authorities in the Czech Republic. At the request of the mayor of Großschönau, the municipality responsible for the construction project, we also made ourselves available for media enquiries and thus freed up our clients to concentrate on the project.

Carrying out the operation

On the first day of the operation alone, 62 cargo flights carrying 0.3 m³ of concrete each were scheduled, so the AS 350 B3 helicopter transported a total of more than 18 m³ of concrete to the summit of the Lausche. After the concrete had set, we transported another 21 m³ of concrete to the construction site on the second day of operation, in a total of 70 cargo flights. Our helicopter tackled the job cost-effectively and quickly, a task that would have been impossible for a crane. The result was impressive, and our clients were totally satisfied. Our cargo helicopter has been booked again for next year when the construction work resumes.

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