Cargo flight for Siemens in Cuxhaven

Siemens Cuxhaven

Lifting air conditioning units onto the flat roofs of large factories or warehouses is a common operation for cargo helicopters. Just recently we received another such request: a total of six air-conditioning units needed to be installed on the roof of a Siemens plant in Cuxhaven, Lower Saxony. It was originally planned to assemble the air-conditioning units on the roof, but even the separate components, a total of 36 items, weighed up to 2.1 tonnes. The plant was very close to the North Sea and was often exposed to strong winds. Therefore, it was not possible to lift the loads onto the factory roof with the crane that was already on site.

Planning the operation

Only a few types of helicopter are able to safely and reliably lift loads of two tonnes or more. We decided to use a Kaman K-1200 K-Max helicopter, which is suitable for carrying loads of up to 2.7 tonnes.

Of course, we chose an experienced pilot whose expertise in the field of cargo flights promised the smooth execution of the operation. Following a detailed preliminary discussion and site inspection we scheduled two flight days. This factored in enough time for us to be prepared for all eventualities.

We also took care of the clarification of all bureaucratic issues and applied for all the necessary permits for the operation. We discussed the operational plan with the local police and fire service and agreed on close communication on the day of the cargo flight in order to be able to answer questions from surprised local residents in the best possible way.

Carrying out the operation

On the day of the operation, absolute precision was required: the individual components had to be positioned with millimetre accuracy for the installation of the air-conditioning units, while sudden gusts of wind made it difficult to work with the large loads, which were prone to being buffeted.

Under these difficult conditions our experts showed the highest degree of coordination and precision. On average, our helicopter took only around three minutes to transport each load. Therefore, by the evening of the first flight day, we had delivered all the parts to their destination and were able to complete the operation faster than planned, despite the adverse weather conditions.

Afterwards, our client expressed complete satisfaction, as did the local management team of the construction company. Should there be any future requirement, they will be happy to use our cargo helicopters again.

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