Air conditioning units for the new Amazon logistics centre in Dortmund

A new logistics centre for the online retailer Amazon is currently being built in Dortmund, covering 45,000 m², the equivalent of the area of six football pitches. We recently took part in this major construction project with a cargo flight: air conditioning units needed to be brought on site and mounted on the roof of the huge hall.

The use of a crane was out of the question due to the vast area of the roof.

Moreover, the construction work followed a tight schedule. A shutdown of the construction site for several days for the time-consuming transport of air-conditioning units was out of the question. Therefore, our clients decided to solve both problems by using a cargo helicopter to transport all loads to the roof quickly and safely, avoiding unnecessary delays.  

Planning the operation

We decided to carry out the operation using a type AS 350 B3 helicopter, as 75 flights were planned and the loads to be transported did not exceed 1.1 tonnes each. Naturally, we used an experienced pilot to ensure maximum safety and a smooth operation.

We also took care of obtaining all necessary permits and informing the responsible authorities. In cooperation with our clients we identified a suitable landing site. We also deployed a water truck in case of dry weather, to prevent our helicopter stirring up too much dust and sand from the construction site, resulting in poor visibility for the pilot.

Carrying out the operation

On the day of the operation our careful preparations paid dividends: all 75 flights were successfully completed and the planned second day of the operation was cancelled. Not only could future Amazon employees look forward to an air-conditioned workplace, but our client was also entirely satisfied with our work and contacted us soon afterwards with another assignment.

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