Despite forecasts for bad weather, our team managed to reach the northern coast of Denmark last week. At the coast, the team was greeted with surprisingly good weather, so that the planed areal shots of the ships at the port and at sea could take place as planned. We employed a Cineflex gyro-stabilized aerial camera system, the most modern helicopter filming system available today. The ... [more]

Deutsche-Helikopter.de will be present at the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. The nine different stadiums in which games will be played are separated by up to 1700 km. Numerous sports and entertainment celebrities will take advantage of the convenience of helicopter transport. Travel from stadium to stadium comfortably and quickly with a helicopter. Book a helicopter for a single flight or ... [more]

Last week we removed steel framework from a 140-meter high chimney at a power station in Karlsruhe with the help of a helicopter. “When you compare the flexibility and speed of a helicopter with the costs of a large crane, the decision is made quickly”, said the manager of the construction site. Our helicopter coordinator Sven Glocke helped make the use of a suitable helicopter ... [more]

A well-known German soccer expert was under time pressure yesterday evening. Without chartering a helicopter, he would not have been able to keep both of his appointments. The Deutsche-Helikopter.de team organized a difficult and very precisely timed helicopter night landing outside of an airfield. The client and his wife were then brought to the launch area of the VIP helicopter. The ... [more]

According to Eurocontrol, about 60 percent of all flights in Europe were cancelled due to the ash cloud above the continent on April 16, 2010. We offer flights with a helicopter as an alternative to airplane travel. Since helicopters fly at a low altitude, the ash cloud poses less of a danger to the helicopter’s engine. Please call us with your flight data today. Our team is available ... [more]

A world-renowned automotive supplier was seriously threatened by flooding last week when his entire factory in Sandomierz (Poland) was surrounded by water. The 2000 workers spent several days fighting the flooding with sandbags. During the crisis, Deutsche-Helikopter helped transport car windows produced at the factory to safety. The car windows were packaged in special pallets wrapped in ... [more]