Confidentiality is our priority, this is why you will find a selection of our operations.

news preview The Lausche is the highest mountain in Upper Lusatia and is known for its picturesque landscape. So that hikers could better enjoy the mountain [more]

news preview A new logistics centre for the online retailer Amazon is currently being built in Dortmund, covering 45,000 m², the equivalent of the area of six [more]

news preview Under contract from the London-based video production company Stamp Productions, Deutsche Helikopter deployed a film helicopter at the Nürburgring [more]

news preview Lifting air conditioning units onto the flat roofs of large factories or warehouses is a common operation for cargo helicopters. Just recently we [more]

news preview Recently, Deutsche Helikopter transported just under 1000 components from Austria to a production site in Germany for a globally renowned [more]

Celebrities, politicians and other influential people who value discretion, appreciate the excellent, confidential service that Deutsche Helikopter [more]

During an international financial exhibition at Messe Berlin, our customer, a global management consultancy firm, wished to book several helicopter [more]

For tourists from Eastern Europe, especially from Russia, the Alps have become one of the most popular destinations for private flights in the last [more]

news preview Last Sunday, in the middle of the Frankfurt financial district, we successfully completed a heavy-load installation of a three-piece diesel generator [more]

news preview Since the recent renewable energy revolution in Germany, many companies have been investing in the production of renewable energies: offshore wind [more]

news preview The Moselle is the largest tributary of the Rhine in Germany. The river rises in the Vosges and flows through France, Luxembourg and the German [more]

news preview In recent weeks, in the centre of Leipzig, we installed a mobile mast by helicopter for Vodafone for the high-speed Long-Term Evolution (LTE) [more]

news preview The launch of an advertising campaign for a new car is always something special. Those in charge want the launch to be as spectacular as possible in [more]

news preview This year's German Formula 1 Grand Prix took place at the Hockenheimring near Heidelberg. The roughly 4.5 km track is, along with the Nürburgring in [more]

news preview The Mi-8 lifting helicopter belongs to the family of helicopters produced at the M.L. Mil helicopter factory in Moscow. Since the 1960s, it has [more]

news preview Minute-accurate timing and minimal storage volumes are key maxims of the motor industry. Production parts are delivered to the line at the exact [more]

news preview The Mi 17-1 is one of the largest helicopters ever built worldwide. The Russian model has been in mass production since the 1960s and since then [more]

news preview As part of the premiere celebrations for the Hollywood blockbuster World War Z, we arranged a VIP helicopter flight over Berlin. The production [more]

news preview The ISS Dome, not far from Düsseldorf airport, is a state-of-the-art multi-functional hall that holds over 12,000 people. It opened in 2006 and [more]

The film flight department of Deutsche Helikopter recently organised another helicopter shoot at the Nürburgring. The international film production [more]

For a leading food-discounter, Deutsche-Helikopter.de filmed parts of the company in near Karlsruhe and in Cologne from the air. With the help of a [more]

Deutsche-Helikopter.de photographed the city centers of Bochum, Duisburg, Dortmund, and Oberhausen from above for an exhibition at the Ruhr 2010 [more]

Deutsche-Helikopter.de organized roundtrips for fair visitors at the largest fair for interactive games and entertainment worldwide. Visitors could [more]

For the second time, Deutsche-Helikopter.de used a helicopter to raise radio technology equipment onto the roof of a house in Munich. The cooperation [more]

Despite forecasts for bad weather, our team managed to reach the northern coast of Denmark last week. At the coast, the team was greeted with [more]