Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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You will find answers to questions that arise frequently in connection with helicopter flights below.

Where can I land?

Generally, you can land wherever enough space is available and the appropriate landing authorization has been obtained. Helicopters need a special authorization for landing on a particular property outside of an airfield. The acquisition of the proper authorization is usually the pilot’s responsibility and not yours.

How quickly can a helicopter be available?

It's possible for us to get you a helicopter within only a few minutes. However, you should plan your trip a couple of days in advance if you need to secure landing permissions or if an inspection of the landing field is necessary.

How many people can take the helicopter at the same time?

The seating capacity depends on the helicopter you chose. Most helicopters can transport up to six people. VIP helicopters, however, can carry up to 12 or 18 people at the same time.

How much luggage can be taken into the helicopter?

The amount of the luggage that can be taken onboard depends on the size of the helicopter. Please tell us beforehand how much baggage you want to take with you and we will select a suitable aircraft.

Will the helicopter wait for me if I booked a return trip?

That depends on the length of your stay and the length of your return trip. Normally, you will fly back with the same helicopter. We are happy to calculate the duration of the occurring helicopter downtime for you.

How time-consuming is helicopter travel?

The time spent depends on your particular mission. In fact, you can determine the duration of your flights. The helicopter will remain on site for as long as you wish.

Can helicopters fly at night?

Yes, helicopters can also fly at night if they have the proper equipment. Since the necessary technology is usually only available in larger helicopters, flights at night tend to be more expensive.

Are authorizations necessary?

We will acquire the proper authorization for a landing outside of an airport if such an authorization should prove necessary. The cost of obtaining a landing authorization is usually around 300€. It is the pilot’s responsibility to acquire landing permissions from the German Federal Aviation Agency and/or the district government or other appropriate authority. If a helicopter needs to fly below the minimum flight altitude for filming or photography, we will need to get an additional authorization from the Federal Aviation Agency. This special authorization would cost around 300€ and would be obtained by the helicopter’s pilot.

How fast can helicopters fly?

A helicopter’s cruise speed is about 140-270 km/h (87-168 mph). If the side door is removed, we will not exceed speeds of 100 km/h (62 mph). However, the regular speed can be attained comfortably if you film from helicopter with a Cineflex camera (Nose or Side Mount).

What equipment is available for photography and film flights?

We employ the best film and photography helicopters available today. All field-proven camera suspensions, camera systems, and transmission equipment is available to you. Depending on the helicopter model, doors and seats can be removed so that the desired equipment can be installed adequately. You can use the Tyler-Mount/ Gyro-Mount camera suspensions or even first-rate gyro-stabilized imaging systems such as the Cineflex or the Wescam as a Nose Mount or Side Mount. Helicopters have enough space for the whole film crew in addition to the camera and the equipment.

What safety regulations are there?

We only work with licensed aviation companies. The helicopters we use are equipped with the latest technology. Regular helicopter inspections and a rigorous pilot selection process guarantee the safety of the aircrafts. The safety regulations for all aerial sports in Germany are very strict.

What safety regulations are there for freight transport?

The terrain that is flown over during freight transport flights must be cordoned off for security reasons. Furthermore, all German safety guidelines must be respected. Our experts would be happy to fill you in on the details.

What is the maximum weight that can be lifted by a helicopter?

Transport helicopters can comfortably carry heavy cargo with a cable. Many helicopters in Germany can lift cargo that weighs up to 1.300 kg (2866 lbs). The maximum liftable weight is 20 tons (44093 lbs). The costs for the flight to and from the site of operation are considerably higher for heavy lift helicopters though, since these helicopters usually have to cover longer distances in order to reach the site of operation. Our experts would be happy to help you select a suitable model.

How far can a helicopter fly with heavy load?

We always try to minimize the distance for freight transport in order to avoid the complications that arise whenever roadblocks and complicated authorization procedures become necessary. Over longer distances, it is easier to transport cargo in the interior of the helicopter. Depending on the aircraft, you can even transport large containers in a freight helicopter.

How much do I need to pay for an offer?

We will calculate the exact costs of your helicopter use for free. What costs could potentially play a role? We always calculate all possible costs that could arise transparently. Potential costs include: the cost of the flights to and from your departure point, authorization and landing fees, fees for the inspection of the air field, costs of a fuel truck or flight, staff costs, and the price of the flight itself.

How can I book a flight?

You can book all flights via telephone or fax. Our experts are also happy to visit you or welcome you to our headquarters in Wuppertal, Germany (Engelsstraße 6).

How can I pay?

You can pay via credit transfer, cash, check, or credit card. All flights must be paid before takeoff.

What is your the cancellation policies?

If you cancel at short notice, the following cancellation fees will be charged:

  • 40% if you cancel 30 days or more prior to the booked service
  • 80% if you cancel up until 8 days prior to the booked service
  • 100% if you cancel within the last 7 days prior to the booked flight

If the client cancels the flight after the helicopter has taken off from its current position, all incurred expenses must be paid. In case of cancellation during the flight by the customer or in cases were a changed cargo volume causes a shorter flight, the client will not receive a refund. The client has the right to coordinate a new appointment with the Vendana GmbH if the weather conditions make photography or filming impossible. In these cases, the postponement is free of charge.