Freight Transport

Freight helicopters allow you to carry loads to places that cranes cannot reach. A helicopter is more flexible and often less expensive than the assembly of an appropriate crane. Since cranes are very heavy and need a great deal of space they cannot always be utilized. Save on the costs of a complex assembly and on the costs of transporting the crane to and from the construction site. Especially if you have fairly little cargo the helicopter is the better choice.
We can make helicopters available to you all over the world within a very short period of time. If you want to transport cargo over longer distances, we will work together with the local authorities in order to develop a suitable implementation plan. Should it be possible to transport your cargo in the interior of the helicopter, we can offer you a transport helicopter within a few minutes without having to obtain official authorizations.

Installation flights

Montage HubschrauberflugInstallation flights are among the most difficult missions for helicopter pilots. That's why we only use the most experienced pilots for these flights. In addition to the pilot, our experts on the ground will support you in planning and realizing your project. Meticulous organization is of paramount importance for these types of flights. Only if everything is planned correctly can your cargo be lifted with the precision necessary to allow your assembly team on the ground to continue further installations. Our service includes an advance inspection, which we use to assess and calculate the planned installation flight.

Freight Transport

We distinguish between two kinds of helicopter transport flights.

1. External cargo – on a hook outside of the helicopter

Außenlast HelikopterThe distance between the initial lifting and the eventual lowering of the cargo is of vital importance. In most cases the cargo can be driven fairly close to the target area, so that the helicopter only needs carry the cargo for 500 meters (0.3 Miles) or less. If the cargo needs to be transported outside of the helicopter over a longer distance, we will be pleased to work out a flight path for you that avoids flying over residential areas.

2. Internal cargo – cargo transport inside of the helicopter

Innenlast Transport HelikopterMany suppliers like to use this option since helicopter transport often represents the only possibility of getting important materials to a client quickly. Since we can track the position of many helicopters operating within Europe, we can guarantee quick availability of a suitable helicopter. Depending on the available helicopter models, you can even transport entire wire mesh crates inside the helicopter. You can save additional time by landing on your company grounds. If the transport via airplane seems more convenient, we will carefully help you examine all of your options and chose the most economic solution.