Express deliveries by helicopter

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Avoid delivery problems, prevent production downtime

Production downtime; line stoppages – these terms are feared by manufacturers because they usually cause serious problems for the business. A missing component can be enough to make the conveyor belt stop and production grind to a halt. In such situations, producers have to wait until the missing components are delivered, while cash is just being eaten up with every passing minute. Clients don't hesitate to make use of their rights of redress. To avert this situation, we can offer you an express delivery by helicopter.

We can organise your express transport at any time

A supplier fails to deliver urgently needed spare parts to the production site on time, a situation that frequently occurs in just-in-time logistics. This leads to unproductive waiting times for the companies, especially in the motor or chemical industries. Their hands are tied when a delivery from one of their partners is late. In this situation, we can assist you flexibly and reliably, delivering the consignment to you quickly, safely and punctually.


  • increased planning reliability
  • avoidance of production downtime
  • averting costly penalties
  • 24-hour readiness
  • express transport within a few hours
  • transport of dangerous goods possible in accordance with the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR).

One of our helicopters can be ready to depart shortly after you make your request. We do not need to take account of delays due to traffic jams, vehicle breakdowns or building sites and will arrive punctually at your door at the agreed time.

Please note: We advise you to react early, preferably at the point when a supply chain delay is foreseeable. We can fly your components and spare parts from A to B within a few hours and so hopefully avert any production downtime altogether. We can deliver components, accessories, spare parts and chemicals from factory to factory by helicopter express in a matter of hours. Within the EU, border checks are not usually necessary, allowing us to give you the helicopter's landing time almost to the minute.

Express deliveries by helicopter: the process

1. Call us

If you anticipate a production stop in the near future, please call us directly on +49 (0) 202 / 75 88 69 91. We are available for you around the clock, even at weekends and on public holidays. Of course, you can also reach us by email info@deutsche-helikopter.com or our contact form. However, a telephone call saves time and allows us to arrange your transport more quickly. Our staff will advise you, provide you with a quotation and plan the best and most effective transport route.

2. Picking up the cargo

There are three options for picking up your cargo. We will choose the one that best suits your request.

  • Our helicopter loads the cargo for your express transport into the helicopter directly at the factory. Usually, a suitable open space for take-off and landing can be found.
  • We agree a suitable landing site with you close to the factory and pick up the cargo there. On request, we can also organise transport from the factory to the landing site.
  • The cargo can be picked up from the nearest airport. Here, too, we can take care of suitable ground transports between the factory and the airport.

We use pallet cages, Europallets or other transport containers to transport your cargo in order to make the best possible use of the helicopter's capacity and secure the cargo appropriately. The transport of packaged cargo, for example in boxes or KLTs (industrial stacking containers) is also possible. Should an official permit be necessary for the landing, we will take care of the entire authorisation process.

3. Express transport by helicopter

Our pilots will choose the shortest route to you and will bring the cargo directly to the production site. Depending on the destination, as with the cargo pick-up, we can land directly at the factory, on an open space nearby, or at the nearest airport. If we cannot land directly at the cargo destination, we will also arrange ground transport to the factory gate, on request.

We will also obtain all the necessary permits for this journey, as required. We will always keep you up to date with the latest information so that you always know your urgent cargo's current location.

When will my express cargo arrive?  

The planning of the flight begins immediately after we receive your request. Our helicopter can often be ready for take-off just 30 minutes after an order is placed. As a rule, there are no border controls for flying routes within the EU, which means that we can plan the landing time at your factory very accurately. Even destinations outside the EU only require a short stopover for customs checks. Therefore, the whole operation, from the point the job is accepted to the delivery of the express cargo, usually only takes a few hours.

You can reach us on our emergency number 24 hours a day. Feel free to call us day or night, even on Sundays and public holidays – because every minute can save you money.

How much does express delivery by helicopter cost ?

Any loss of production can lead to high claims for damages. These usually amount to several times the cost of an express transport by helicopter. We calculate an individual quotation for every enquiry. The cost estimate for the flight depends, among other things, on the following factors:

  • Route
  • Type of cargo
  • Weight
  • Urgency of the request
  • Dangerous goods 

The right mode of transport for your request

Helicopters are particularly suitable for express deliveries or pick-ups on short routes. As they can land directly at the factory in most cases, ground transports to the nearest airport are not necessary. On longer routes, however, express transport in an aircraft is often faster and, at the same time, more economical.

We will coordinate the transport chain exactly according to your requirements and can also organise express transports in an aircraft if that makes sense. In this case, your urgent cargo will be taken by helicopter or ground vehicle to the nearest suitable airport. From there, our freight aircraft will transport your cargo on the quickest route to the destination airport, where another ground vehicle or helicopter will bring the express cargo to its destination. We organise express freight transports by plane in cooperation with Deutsche-Privatjet.

Europallets by helicopter

Let's start with a common problem: time is short and important parts from the supplier need to arrive at their destination as soon as possible. Standardised pallets, also known as Europallets, can make air freight transport easier and therefore faster. They can be transported by a variety of different helicopters. The dimensions of these pallets are about 1200 x 800 mm, with variable heights. Your express cargo will be securely loaded onto the pallets and then transported to the helicopter with a forklift truck. 

In addition to transport using Europallets we can also transport cargo of any other (not standard) size. The associated expense is not high and saves you time and therefore money. The only preparation needed is the removal of the seats from the express helicopter in question. If the situation requires, we can carry several tonnes of cargo or use several helicopters at the same time to deliver larger batches to their destination. We are your reliable partner for all special transport operations.

Contact us now

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