Patient transports

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We can carry out patient transports on short journeys in fully medically equipped ambulance helicopters, with experienced staff on board. In this way, we can ensure a safe and patient-focused air ambulance flight. Ambulance helicopters are extremely flexible and can be deployed with very short lead times, often within an hour, both during the day and at night.

Intensive care patient transfers by ambulance helicopter

Intensive care patients are usually transported under huge time pressure: often a vital life-saving operation needs to be carried out at a hospital where the most modern technical equipment and the most specialised medical team are available. Other urgent treatments may also require equipment and expertise that are only available in certain hospitals. In such cases, ambulance helicopters are particularly suited to short journeys: they can land directly in the grounds of the specific hospital and are therefore often the fastest means of transport available.

The ambulance helicopters we use are fitted with permanently installed intensive care medical equipment. It is modified according to the patient's condition and the equipment can be further extended as necessary. Highly specialised medical personnel accompany the flight and can intervene immediately in the event of an emergency. In this way, the patient receives the best possible care during the entire flight.

Medically accompanied patient transfers

Even if intensive care is not necessary and the patient just needs medical support during the journey, modern ambulance helicopters with highly specialised staff can be used. Especially on domestic routes, a helicopter enables fast and comfortable patient transfers by air.

Equipment in the ambulance helicopter

The standard equipment of an ambulance helicopter includes comprehensive intensive care medical apparatus. For example: 

  • Devices for monitoring heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels and body temperature
  • Emergency backpack, including special equipment for the care of children and babies
  • Portable intensive care ventilator and oxygen
  • Infection protection sets
  • Defibrillator, external pacemakers, syringe pumps and pressure infusion bags.

The standard equipment is further supplemented by our flight doctors if the patient's health condition so requires.

Ambulance helicopter or ambulance jet?

An ambulance helicopter is particularly suitable for short distances on domestic routes, thereby taking full advantage of its flexibility. For longer journeys, an ambulance jet is the better choice for urgent patient transports.

Due to its greater speed and longer range, an ambulance jet will reach its destination much faster on a long-haul route. In addition, the patient's journey will be more comfortable and therefore more patient-friendly. An accompanying person can usually travel with the patient on an ambulance jet, though not in a helicopter.

Ambulance jets are particularly to be recommended for medical repatriations from abroad. Helicopters are not allowed to fly over state borders without authorisation and are thus not available as promptly as for a domestic flight. If it makes more sense for you to transport your patient in an ambulance jet, our colleagues from Medical Repatriation UK will be happy to assist you.

Your patient transport with Deutsche-Helikopter

Our office is staffed by qualified personnel 24 hours a day, including at weekends and on public holidays. As a result, we can assist you at any time and organise your patient transport by ambulance helicopter within a very short time: in most cases a suitable helicopter is ready for your transfer flight just one hour after placing your order.

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