Organ transport

With most organ transports, every minute counts for the patient. The transport of life-saving organs by helicopter can save a significant amount of time. Helicopters are flexible and can be deployed almost immediately after the order is placed. Moreover, in most cases helicopters can fly directly from hospital to hospital, thereby avoiding traffic jams, roadblocks and traffic accidents.

Organ transports with Deutsche-Helikopter

Our operations centre can be reached 24 hours a day and suitable helicopters are in constant readiness. This allows us to deploy a helicopter at any time of day or night to carry out organ transports as quickly as possible. Thanks to our international network, we can ensure short helicopter positioning times worldwide and thus minimise journey times. At the same time, we always keep the cost-effectiveness of the mission in mind.

Even if a single, continuous organ transport journey by helicopter is not possible due to local conditions, we can organise an efficient transport chain. According to your requirements, we can combine transports in helicopters and aircraft, as well as ground transports, to bring the life-saving organ to its destination reliably and quickly. With every organ transport, trained service personnel and reliable pilots ensure that the mission runs smoothly.

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