Ambulance helicopters

Helicopters can be used effectively for time-critical patient transports on short and medium haul routes. They can land directly at the specified hospital and thus ensure the shortest possible journey for the patient. Our specially equipped ambulance helicopters make it possible to transport patients under intensive medical care. The helicopters can fly at night or in bad weather conditions using their instruments. Therefore, we can deploy an ambulance helicopter at extremely short notice in all circumstances.

Transporting patients

Ambulance flights and patient transfers by helicopter are a safe and fast option for transporting patients on short journeys. In close consultation with the attending doctors, we will develop an individual travel plan designed to ensure the wellbeing of the patient. If possible, we use the hospitals' own helicopter landing pads. We can call on a variety of helicopters that are equipped in different ways. Therefore, it doesn't matter whether the patient needs to be transported lying down or seated. [Read more …]

Organ transport

Often, medical supplies such as organs or blood products can only be transported with the required urgency by air. Helicopters are not tied to airports for take-off and landing and are therefore the fastest and most flexible solution for urgent medical deliveries. We are available for you 24 hours a day and, in consultation with you, we can develop an individual transport plan tailored to your needs in the shortest possible time. [Read more …]

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