Helicopter charter – Deutsche Helikopter

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The fast and direct transport of passengers and patients; fascinating aerial views during sightseeing flights and filming flights; the efficient combination of power and speed for cargo transports and express freight flights – helicopter operations can be extremely varied. Our seasoned helicopter experts can provide you with clear, independent advice for every request and the best possible service at the most economical price – with our worldwide fleet of helicopters ready to fly at any time. We are available 24 hours a day for a free consultation and can provide you with an individual quotation to suit your requirements.

Helicopter charter: passenger transport

Enjoy one of the fastest and most exclusive ways to travel. Whether for passenger journeys, sightseeing flights or special occasions such as weddings, we can offer you a charter flight in a helicopter that exactly meets your requirements. [Read more...]

Helicopter charter: Ambulance helicopters

Helicopters are frequently used for time-critical patient transports on short and medium haul routes. The comprehensive medical equipment on board enables safe transport, even for a large number of intensive care patients. [Read more...]

Helicopter charter: photography and filming

Unparalleled images from the air. We can organise a photography or filming flight that exactly meets your requirements or can provide a helicopter so that you can take the pictures yourself. Our modern camera systems provide shake free images. [Read more...]

Helicopter charter: freight transport

We will carry your cargo safely and reliably. No matter if you want to install trusses on a chimney, lift an air conditioning system onto a building, or transport building rubble or concrete, we will advise you accordingly. We will use only the most experienced pilots and the best helicopters for your project. [Read more...]

Helicopter charter: express transport

When delivery bottlenecks and production stops are imminent, our helicopters can often still ensure that your urgent cargo is delivered on time. In most cases helicopters can land directly at the factory or in the immediate vicinity, so saving valuable time. [Read more...]