Deutsche Helikopter

Our goal is to plan your helicopter mission as efficiently and as comprehensively as possible. We will select the helicopter that best fits your needs while focussing on minimizing your costs. Our worldwide helicopter network allows us to advise you transparently and independently. If you contact us with a proposed project, you will receive a personalized offer that fits your demands and needs shortly. Make use of our international experience while planning your helicopter flight. Our service center is available at any time of the day.

Transport of People

Experience one of the fastest and most exclusive ways of travelling. You do not need an airfield or a runway if you use a helicopter. In most cases, the helicopter can land somewhere in your immediate surroundings. We plan your flight in accordance with your wishes.

Our goal is to provide you with the helicopter that best fits your requirements, whether that is the Allround Helicopter or even the exclusive VIP Helicopter. [more...]

Photography and Film

Take incomparable shots from above. Fly over landscapes, track vehicles, telecast a sports event live, or film attractions from a unique perspective. Take high quality pictures and make extraordinary films with our image stabilizing camera systems. We will organize and coordinate the whole project for you. [more...]

Freight Transport

We will carry your cargo safely and reliably. No matter if you want to install trusses on a chimney, lift an air conditioning system onto a building, or transport building rubble or concrete, we will advise you accordingly. We will use only the most experienced pilots and the best helicopters for your project. [more...]